About Us

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."~ Joseph Campbell

      Drake Fine Sporting Arms, LLC is a Texas corporation founded in 2015 with one goal in mind, to provide exceptional service and quality firearms to every customer, whatever their budget might be. We provide firearm sales, custom, and bespoke rifles, ammunition, custom ammunition, and the highest quality in firearm accessories. The company was founded in El Paso, Texas in 2015 by J. Scott Drake, avid hunter, sport shooter, and gunsmith. No other company in our local market has the ability or the experience to provide the same level of service offered by Drake Fine Sporting Arms. We focus on quality and customer service first, with emphasis put squarely on making sure that the customer gets the best product available to them, no short cuts and no excuses. We understand that a firearm is not just a gun, but a tool that a customer will use and pass along from generation to generation. Our hope is that when someone buys a firearm from Drake Fine Sporting Arms, be it an off the shelf, factory rifle or a handcrafted hunting rifle, that customer will not only pass along their pride of ownership but also their patronage and regards for our company in the years to come and in an expanding market.